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Adobe Premiere Pro
يقوم بعمل مونتاج متكامل لأفلام الفيديو ويتيح خصائص متعددة مثل إضافة التأثيرات البصرية على أفلام الفيديو
Adobe Premiere Pro
Course Benefits
  • learn how to import and edit video, add sound effects, music and graphics. Assemble a complete, edited product, learn the principles of non-linear video editing and how to apply them to your own personal projects whether they are films, documentaries, slid
Course Topics
  • Project setting
  • The Workspace
  • Importing clips and image files
  • Working with the Monitor Window
  • Working with the Timeline Window
  • Working with tracks
  • Using the Tools palette
  • Using the Effect Controls palette
  • Sequencing
  • Trimming clips in the Timeline window
  • Transitions
  • The Effects palette
  • Motion Paths
  • Creating animation in Premiere Pro
  • Applying the Replicate effect
  • Using the Zigzag effects
  • Using titles in a Premiere Pro project
  • Audio
  • Applying audio effects
  • Creating and adjusting audio effects
  • Working with 5.1 audio files
Course info
All over the year
    On Demand