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Excel 2016
استخدام الجداول الإلكترونية من خلال النوافذ وتحليل البيانات والمساعدة فى اتخاذ القرار
Excel 2016
Course Benefits
  • Excel is the spreadsheet and data analysis program in MS - Office.
  • It combines incredible power with ease of use, giving professionals and occasional users the features they need.
  • Excel is designed to use it as a basic spreadsheet and learn more advance.
Course Topics
  • Understand the working concepts behind Excel 2016.
  • Use the Excel 2016 menus and commands efficiently.
  • Work with rows and columns and manage worksheets.
  • Create, edit, and use worksheets.
  • Calculate values by entering formulas into cells.
  • Use functions to create complex formulas.
  • Format cells, rows, columns and worksheets.
  • Understand Excel 2016’s data base management facility.
  • Create and manage data filter.
  • Understand the page setup and set print options.
Course info
All over the year
  • 26 November 2017
    6 - 9 pm   Sun,Tue,Thu