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MS SQL Server 2014 for Developers
إنشاء قواعد البيانات وتطويرها باستخدام SQL 2014
MS SQL Server 2014 for Developers
Course Benefits
  • Understand the product, its components, and basic configuration.
  • Work with the data types supported by SQL Server.
  • Design and implement tables and work with schemas.
  • Design and implement views and partitioned views.
  • Identify the appropriate table structures and implement clustered indexes and heaps.
  • Design and implement non-clustered indexes, covering indexes, and included columns.
  • Design and implement stored procedures.
  • Implement table types, table valued parameters, and the MERGE statement.
  • Design and implement T-SQL error handling and structured exception handling.
  • Design and implement scalar and table-valued functions.
  • Design and implement constraints.
  • Design and implement triggers.
  • Describe and implement target use cases of SQL CLR integration.
  • Use FOR XML and XPath queries.
  • Describe and use spatial data types in SQL Server.
  • Implementing Table Structures in SQL Server
  • Ensuring Data Integrity through Constraints
  • Implementing Managed Code in SQL Server
  • Storing XML Data in SQL Server
  • Querying XML Data in SQL Server
Course Topics
  • Working with Data Types.
  • Designing and Implementing Tables
  • Designing and Implementing Views
  • Planning for SQL Server Indexing
  • Improving Performance through Nonclustered Indexes.
  • Designing and Implementing Stored Procedures.
  • Designing and Implementing User-Defined Functions.
  • Responding to Data Manipulation via Triggers.
  • Merging Data and Passing Tables.
  • Handling Errors in T-SQL Code.
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