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Android Data Programming
ربط الأندرويد بالبيانات التى على الإنترنت
Android Data Programming
Course Benefits
  • You will learn how to parse that data (in JSON format) and display it in a single-page app.
  • Know how to handle errors and situations when the network is unavailable.
  • know different ways in which we can persist data in our apps.
Course Topics
  • What is an API
  • Creating the Project
  • Forecast and Out Project
  • How to make networking in Android easy with the help of a 3rd party libraries
  • Concurrency and Error Handling
  • Working with JSON
  • Building the Weather UI
  • Introduction to Data Persistence
  • Types of Data Persistence in Android.
  • File Storage : Internal Storage and External Storage.
  • Key-Value Saving with SharedPreferences ....
  • Using SQLite for Structured Data
  • CRUD Operations with SQLite
Course info
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