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Condensed AutoCAD
برنامج الرسم الهندسى والتصميم للمهندسين والمعماريين
Condensed AutoCAD
Course Benefits
  • Understand the difference between manual and computer drafting.
  • Draw simple and complex drawings
  • Deal with Model space environment as a professional user by using AutoCAD
  • Working with the different properties for layers in AutoCAD.
  • Modification and Editing of you Drawing
  • Making your Drawing as a Complete Document
  • Deal with problems that faces plotting a 2D Drawing
Course Topics
  • Starting AutoCAD
  • Modification and Editing of your Drawing
  • Advanced Editing Techniques
  • Settings (Layers)
  • Making our Drawing as a Complete Document
  • Adding Dimension to a drawing
  • Setting up the drawing environment
  • Plotting
Course info
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